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Our world of music!

iPro Records is founded on the idea of building genuine productions that grasp true emotional adventures in entertainment.

Started playing an Air Guitar at 4 years old as well as a Tennis Racket. At age 5 began playing a black and white Sears Silvertone guitar.

At the age of 15 began writing songs. First song I wrote was called; Leaving you was the wrong thing to do.

Regular performer at the famous "Gilley's" in Houston, TX.

At the age of 17 recorded a song my Dad wrote called; "Country Music Tell's it Like it Is". The song was played in the Houston radio market and surrounding cities. The record was recorded at Sugar Hill Studios using the late country music singer Freddie Fender's band.

At the age of 18 began performing in local Houston bars and restaurants.

I was basically born into the music business. My Father owned and operated All-Star Records in Houston,TX. for about 10 years recording many known artist you hear today.

To date; actively perform at weddings, private parties, and scheduled activities.

Today, the opportunity to continue writing and performing for "A Song For You" allows me to take words and stories given to me by our customers and turning them into an unforgettable keepsake to last a lifetime.