iPro Records

Our world of music!

iPro Records is founded on the idea of building genuine productions that grasp true emotional adventures in entertainment.


our History

In the 1920s-60s iPro Records owner Jason Mechura's grandfather, Daniel James Mechura, started a family of music and record labels. All that love and passion for music inspired to create a real estate company named iPro Real Estate, founded 2013 in Orange County, California. Following the success of iPro Real Estate came iPro Records that is just getting it's foot in the door.


ipro real estate

A real estate company that was inspired from music has to have a record label affiliated! Anyways, that is where the iPro name was born. And the company has successfully grown into a real estate brokerage dealing throughout the U.S. The iPro name was created to amplify the company’s focus on life progression with great achievements and strength.


Daniel Mechura's Record companies

From Allstar to Kool, Teen and Nu-Star Records, Daniel James Mechura has been busy in his record producing days. He was a grandfather to iPro Records owner Jason Daniel Mechura and a huge inspiration to many. 

"The earliest known record on Allstar dates from 1953; further releases came out over 1956-57. Allstar was relatively prolific from that point on, racking up an impressive discography of over 150 singles (not counting subsidiaries)." 

- From American Song and Poem Archives. 

Daniel James Mechura passed away April 11th, 2003. R. I. P.


Jason Daniels aka jason daniel mechura

Musician, Jason Mechura owns a real estate firm, iPro Real Estate and record label, iPro Records that were inspired from a family that strongly holds music and entertainment ties. From rock to blues, electronic and funk. Jason Mechura performs under the name Jason Daniels and produces an eclectic portfolio.